The famous business women

Publié le 30 octobre 2023 à 14:11

The famous business women 

The famous business woman and fashion icon, Kim Kardashian, recently launched her brand new men's line, SKIMS Men, on the Instagram platform. With a bold marketing campaign featuring renowned sportspeople, the brand has already generated considerable buzz among fashion lovers and sports enthusiasts.


Leading this remarkable campaign, famous Brazilian striker Neymar Jr was chosen to represent the essence of football in the SKIMS Men collection. The elegance of its presence and the strength of its style are perfectly captured in the line's underwear, demonstrating a perfect fusion between fashion and sport.


The campaign doesn't stop at football, with the Toronto basketball team's talented point guard, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, bringing his charisma and distinctive style to the SKIMS Men collection. By highlighting the fluidity of movement and inner strength, its presence adds a dynamic dimension to the luxury underwear line.


Finally, the SKIMS Men campaign highlights the power and determination of American defender Nick Bosa, representing the raw intensity of American football. Its notable presence in the brand's underwear demonstrates the balance between comfort and performance, highlighting SKIMS Men's commitment to the alliance of fashion and sport.


With this ambitious campaign, Kim Kardashian is making a remarkable entry into the men's fashion market. Capturing the competitive spirit and athletic elegance through sports stars, SKIMS Men sets new standards in style and comfort, delivering an unparalleled luxury experience for men around the world.

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