The Second Annual Give Her FlowHERS Gala: Celebrating Culture Pioneers

Publié le 14 novembre 2023 à 00:49

The Second Annual Give Her FlowHERS Gala: Celebrating Culture Pioneers


Los Angeles, November 10 - The glamorous setting of the red carpet lit up for the second annual Give Her FlowHERS gala, masterfully orchestrated by Live Nation and presided over by Heather Lowery, CEO and founder of Femme It Forward. This prestigious event was an opportunity to celebrate and honor outstanding women for their revolutionary impact in various fields.



This year's honorees included iconic figures such as @sza , @TeyanaTaylor @brandy @flomilitary along with Jordyn and Jodie Woods, all acclaimed for their major influence in their respective domains. Jordyn Woods and her sister Jodie were distinguished with the My Sister's Keeper award, highlighting their exceptional bond and mutual support. The production duo Nova Wav was bestowed with the "Pen It Forward" award, while Monaleo was honored with the "Self-Love" award for her commitment to self-esteem and empowerment.

Heather Lowery, moved by the success of this memorable evening, expressed in a statement: "After experiencing the power of joy, inspiration, and authentic love at our inaugural event, we are thrilled to bring together even more pioneering women and honor their impact at the second annual Give Her FlowHERS awards gala."


The gala goes far beyond mere award presentations. Ms. Lowery emphasizes that the goal is to sow the seeds of change for the future. "This awards gala transcends the mere recognition of extraordinary women who have left their mark on culture. We aspire to plant other seeds of change, to inspire future generations, and to build a future where women continue to write history and inspire the world."

The resounding success of the second annual Give Her FlowHERS gala attests to Femme It Forward's ongoing commitment to spotlighting women's exceptional achievements and creating a space where positive impact is celebrated and perpetuated. This annual gathering promises to become an essential tradition, shaping the future in a meaningful and inspiring way.

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