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Licence magazine from passion of fashion 

Licence magazine:

Dunesi isn’t your typical brand, it’s sparking a style revolution. It’s your partner in crime, here to empower you to own your style with edgy sophistication and timeless chicness. 

Dunesi is about ethical, sustainable fashion, crafting threads that celebrate you. It’s not about fancy words, it’s about curated chic. Made sustainably. Each piece is a work of art, a handcrafted nod to individuality and uniqueness, carefully re-imagined or designed by Hanne Ripsaluoma, the Founder and Creative Director of Dunesi. 


The dreamy crossroads of sustainable fashion and unbeatable style!

Sustainability is part of Dunesi’s DNA. Its heart beats for the planet and it shows in their commitment to conscious fashion. Dunesi’s vision is to give pre-loved denim a second life, and to make it a cool one. They thrive to create unique pieces, or even collectibles, that the customers will love and treasure for seasons and seasons. Denim is one of the thirstiest fabrics, consuming a lot of the planet’s resources to produce. Dunesi’s unique denim pieces are re-crafted from unwanted denim therefore reducing waste as well as reducing the use of cotton, water and harmful dyes. The seasonless denim collection is complimented with sustainable cotton and linen items, as well as having details from leftover fabrics from the cutting room floor of Dunesi and other local fashion brands. Their recently launched swimwear is fully sustainable too, made from recycled eco fabric. Producing in small numbers and made to order when possible, Dunesi is doing their bit for reducing overpriduction and textile waste. 

Each piece you buy is a high five for Mother Earth and a love letter to your closet! The Founder Hanne’s creative journey is like world tour. From Finland’s beauty and clean nature to the buzziness of London and the land of denim & jeans, the USA. Finally landing in Dubai, nestled between the dunes (have you noticed this word hidden in the brand’s name?) of the desert and the sea and beaches. Dividing production between Dubai and Bali, Dunesi juggles life between the city of lights and island of gods. How is that for a source of inspiration! Hanne has a sixth sense for style and a heart that celebrates individuality. Her radar for details is on point and she’s all about letting your unique style to shine. But Dunesi isn’t just about clothes, it’s a tribute to your uniqueness. And it’s welcoming you to join its tribe!

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