Sofia Coppola's Version of Holiday Dressing Involves No Color, But Lots of Sequins

Publié le 13 décembre 2023 à 02:18

Sofia Coppola's Version of Holiday Dressing Involves No Color, But Lots of Sequins

Those of us who dress in all black throughout the majority of year are presented with quite the fashion conundrum when the Holiday season rolls around. We either begrudgingly slip into some sort of colorful sequined look or run risk of being considered as the grinch of the group. Well, for those whose wardrobes are lacking in color, Sofia Coppola presented a very stylish solution to Holiday dressing on Monday. The director stepped out to the Paris premiere of Priscilla (part of a wider retrospective on her career) wearing a full monochrome look from Chanel. Coppola is known for her luxe, minimal style, so it makes sense she attended the event in sleek dress pants and a crewneck sweater. And even as simple as her look proved to be, what really gave things a festive edge were the rows of black sequins that lined her top.

Even though the detail might be rather understated in the grand scheme of Holiday dressing, it made for a chic solution to those who prefer all black as opposed to splashes of color. Coppola paired her top, which featured a glittered hemline and cuffs, with black ballet flats and gold jewelry. The filmmaker last stepped out to the Academy Museum Gala earlier this month in another chic take on Holiday dressing. There, Coppola dazzled in an elegant couture shirt dress from Chanel that featured box pleats and buttons down the front.

The director recently released her blockbuster drama Priscilla based on the complicated relationship between Priscilla Presley (Cailee Spaeny) and Elvis (Jacob Elordi). “She was open and complimentary of my work,” the filmmaker told W Magazine of Priscilla Presely, adding she “Was a bit tentative. I sent Priscilla the script, and she went through it page by page and gave me specific details, like ‘I didn’t have a teddy bear on my bed.’”


Coppola went on to explain that she was intrigued in how “By day, Priscilla went to Catholic school in Memphis for her senior year, and at night she would party with Elvis. I found that reality fascinating: She wasn’t allowed to have friends over to Graceland, and she’d hear other girls whispering about her. She was so isolated. It was strangely relatable.

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