How art is used against artists, like Young Thug, in court

Publié le 5 janvier 2024 à 20:29

The “p” in “Pushin P”, a song featuring Young Thug, does not refer to the street name for methamphetamine, according to the rapper’s lawyers—rather, it stands for “positivity”. The threatening connotations of “Thug” are also misleading, they claim. That supposedly stands for “Truly Humbled Under God”. And his lyrics, which often reference drugs and violence, are supposedly written from the perspective of a fake persona.


Prosecutors do not buy it. Jeffrey Williams, the Atlanta-born artist behind the pseudonym, stands accused of eight counts, including racketeering and gang conspiracy. (He denies all charges.) In a trial which recommences on January 2nd, at least 17 sets of lyrics will be submitted as evidence against him. Young Thug is perhaps the best-known rapper to have his art used in this way,

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