Publié le 30 décembre 2022 à 02:13

Rianna Levy, actress, model, performer and business woman. Rianna levy’s life journey has been an interesting variety of adventures

 From an upbringing of working in 120 degree & to travelling 6 continents performing and sharing her music, her love for life and exploration has given her a multitude of stories and lyrics to share with the world.     

We could go on about her talents and accomplishments, like how she performs 100 shows... she’s hit not only the club circuit of Los Angeles, but also entertained in Vegas and is in especially high demand at private events and and many more!  

To fully understand Rianna levy, however, it’s worth digging a little deeper. From her hometown of Russia & Israel , to USA she has also displayed a knack for entrepreneurship. Rianna levy is currently working on her new projects cosmetic line and CD "English and Spanglish" where she is revisiting the sounds of Latin , pop, rnb music.

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