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Lana Verina founder World Fashion Week Dubai 

Producer, fashion influencer

Take a look at my latest article to learn the story of how I got into fashion and why I love it! #FashionJourney #FashionInspiration

Giuseppe Laguardia, I was born in Germany on 05.02.1989 but raised from the age of 7 Italy, precisely in Basilicata in a small town called Palazzo San Gervasio (PZ) then at 18 I started shooting in the north of Italy and in 2018 I started this path of fashion influencer through the creation of photographic content that I started posting on my Instagram profile


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IDIA AISIEN  is of Nigerian and Cameroonian descent. She was born on July 4, 1991 in Lagos to champagne tycoon Joe Aisien and jeweler Emmanuella Aisien.

AAs a teenager, Aisien attended Atlantic Hall High School, Lagos. She then moved to the United States, where she earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from the American University in Washington, D.C. and a master's degree in international public relations and global corporate communications from New York University. 

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