Exclusiv With Victoria Beckham

On Friday, Victoria Beckham Beauty will make its fragrance debut with three unisex scents inspired by personal moments from the designer’s past, and especially her alone time with husband David Beckham

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Jane Birkin

A week after the death of Jane Birkin, family and friends gathered at the Saint-Roch church in Paris for a final tribute. His daughters Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon were present, with their own children.

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Ashley Francois is a professional singer-songwriter and rapper from Sarasota, Florida. His professional career in music commenced with his single Manic, which was released in 2019. Thereafter, his debut album, Don’t Feel Entitled, achieved number 2 on independent music awards in 2021, propelling his career in the industry to new heights and wider appeal.


Ashley Francois was born as one of four brothers to a single mother in Brooklyn N.Y. As a child, though the music was always something he held a fascination for, it never held quite the significance as it does today; indeed, while growing up, he instead actively pursued a career in basketball, pushing himself to the limits to further his basketball skills.


Cliquez ici pour saisir votre tWe are Pasquale and Carolina, a husband and wife couple who have been married for more than 15 years and together for 20, we have been united for a lifetime, we were practically two kids.


We opened our Instagram profile @tuediocomenellefavole for fun, curious about this world, in the late summer of 2018.


We started off in an ironic way by taking pictures of anything and with every post we received likes and a few followers and this prompted us to take new photos and therefore new posts and the cycle repeated itself up to the present day.

Today we have about 290k followers from all over the world and we collaborate with many international companies.exte.

We are fashion lovers even if we like to follow our own style, we prefer classic and elegant clothes to sporty ones.


We have always been fascinated by advertising, we hardly change the channel in front of a spot. we are very curious about the messages they send.


We love elegance, the sober one, the delicate one, the one made also by the Small details which however leave an indelible memory.


We love traveling to Italy very much to discover the medieval villages, seaside resorts and even the mountains. The last trip we made was to discover Abruzzo, a region that impressed us a lot for its immense nature.

We are family lovers, we have two children, an 18 year old boy and a 10 year old girl, the sun and the moon, two totally different characters but at the same time so united.


We also like interior design so much, we prefer slightly rustic but elegant environments compared to modern ones. We like to feel the enveloping and protected warmth of the house, it gives us great energy.


We love nature and everything that surrounds it and we try to protect it in our small way, avoiding fast fashion and approving low fashion.


All this can be found in our feed.

This summer we received an email inviting us to participate in a contest for the protection of our planet. The invitation came from the "Italy Ambassador Awards" who asked us to create a video based on sustainability. Surprised and somewhat disoriented, we decide to create a reel based on sustainable fashion, on recycling, on the importance and support of 'low fashion' and on how important it is to break down 'fast fashion', in short, a message of awareness towards this topic of which is still very little talked about. We weren't so sure about participating, we weighed the pros and cons over and over again. The closer the day of the event got, the more anxiety rose. We finally packed our bags and left... We entered the event with great joy in the 'fashion' category and unexpectedly won! We couldn't believe it! We spent an unforgettable day, we made new friends, established new working relationships but above all we believed in ourselves! We also made a video for the culinary beauties a



News/ Whang-od, the world's oldest female tattoo artist, continues to practice her traditional art to protect her culture and language.#Whang-od #Buscalan #Kalinga

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