Sonya Shrestha by licence magazine

Publié le 21 juin 2023 à 21:15

Makeup is not always about perfection; imperfection also sometimes can make it look remarkable and additional. 


It depends on how you gonna hold it and it's all about the confidence. I have always been fond of something different from my own choices and style. Soniya Shrestha-

Dubai's fashion industry has witnessed the rise of numerous talented individuals, but few have made an impact as significant as Soniya Shrestha. A model, artistic director, and writer; Soniya has established herself as a force to be assumed within the world of luxury fashion in Dubai. 

Her hard work and dedication, she had come so far that she doesn't wanna turn back now she says. 


Soniya Shrestha's journey in the fashion world began with a passion for creativity and a relentless drive to make her mark. As an artistic director, she has curated awe-inspiring showcases that have left audiences captivated. Her impeccable eye for detail and innate understanding of fashion trends have allowed her to breathe life into numerous runway shows, earning her a reputation as a visionary in the industry.



With the magic touch of Imad Fatouh 

And a perfect shot by Samer Khateeb.

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